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Ah yes...The Biodiesel Calculator project. Some years ago I was thinking about making my own biodiesel to save money on rising fuel costs. The thought of driving around in a car or truck that smelled like a fast food french fry seemed pretty cool at the time. Now it seems even cooler as gas prices have soared in the last year. I started the research years ago and the project in still not finished due to numerous interuptions. I am going to finish it soon so if anyone is interested, here is what its all about. Basically you can turn vegetable oil (new or used) into biodiesel fuel for your diesel powered vehicle. With used vegetable oil, some simple equipment that you can make, some instructions, a few other additives, and the Biodiesel Calculator, you will be able to quickly and accurately formulate biodiesel fuel for less than 1/3 of the price of diesel fuel. And it will burn as clean or cleaner plus you will have everyone looking for french fries. If you have access to new vegetable oils that can be had for cheap, you can use those too. Priced at $10 More info coming soon...